Steve McDonald fishing

Day off: Steve fishing off the coast. See our polarized style – great for fishing!

“I need a pair”

Steve is in construction management on Kauai and wasn’t really looking for an additional line of work. But he’s over 40 and struggled with switching between sunglasses and readers for years. While on the job site he would even stack sunglasses on top of his readers, so he could see close up and still have protection from the bright Hawaiian sun. Years ago he came across a pair of bifocal sunglasses on line. They were cheap and the bifocal lens was thick and not really positioned well, but it was better than “stacking” 2 pair of glasses on his face. Co-workers began borrowing them, and so he ordered a few more. Friends were borrowing them to read text messages, menus at outdoor lunch spots, and the scorecard on the golf course. The response was always: “these are great — I need a pair!” That’s when he recognized the need for quality sunglasses with readers, and he knew the price needed to be low, so that you could have several pair in different places — car, golf bag, beach bag, etc.

Research & Development

Steve spent the first year researching every aspect of frames, lens construction, quality and fit. The most important aspect of reader sunglasses is the placement of the reader lens.   Most are positioned improperly and uncomfortable to wear. Also, our reading lens is molded into the sunglasses, rather than “stuck on”,  and barely visible.  Once ready to design and manufacture our first line, Steve toured many factories searching for the best quality at the best price, which Hawaiian Lenses ultimately passes on to each customer.

Family Business

Our whole family was involved in the development of the frame style, logo and marketing. Steve developed the logo, and brought in our son (Sam -13 at the time), and myself as part of the design, research and development team. Steve and Sam designed and built our retail display stands in the backyard woodshop. I created the web site at the kitchen table in between dinner preparation and loads of laundry. This truly is a homespun family business.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from wearing our sunglasses with readers.

Aloha & Mahalo,

Hawaiian Lenses