Another how do you use your “dualies?”

We love to hear from customers about the way they use our “dualies”. Here is an e-mail quote we received yesterday: Thanks Paul and ….. enjoy the ride!

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  • foster grants

“Isn’t that…..?” Foster Grants

In 1929 Sam Foster sold sunglasses at a Woolworth store in Atlantic City. He called them Foster Grants. Soon movie stars began to wear them….some say to be incognito. Another story is they had red and sensitive eyes from the […]

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  • Hawaiian Lenses Launch

Hawaiian Lenses – The “Launch”

After nearly 2 years of research & development, we are proud to present Hawaiian Lenses Dual Purpose Sunglasses. Officially available in 4 stores on our island of Kauai. Also celebrated our first internet sale (Thank you Snuffy)! We’ve “launched”.

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