Mike Shandroff wearing Kona polarized

Mike Shandroff wearing Kona Polarized

Summertime is here and you’re spending more time outdoors.  We’ve been hearing from active customers and how they use our Hawaiian Lenses.  Here are a few sports you Love:  Sport #1:  Paddling!  Mike Shandroff, wears our sunglasses with readers so he can read the GPS while steering an Outrigger Canoe.  Go Mike!  Here are four other summer sports that a pair of our Hawaiian Lenses sun readers may help you get your game on:  Sport #2:  Golf!  That sport you love to hate.  But now that your older, you may need a little help seeing your scorecard!  Sports #3 & #4:  Running & Cycling!  Good for you for moving and burning calories.  Bet your monitoring all the miles you’ve traveled.  But what good is wearing that device if you can’t read the screen?  And finally, Sport #5:  Reading!  Yes reading.  The eyes have to move back and forth, and up and down don’t they?  Hey, that’s exercise!  So while your reading poolside or at the beach this summer, or participating in one of your favorite summer sports, try a pair of Hawaiian Lenses, and I bet you’ll get better results – and look good too.  Live Good  |  See Better.  Aloha and Enjoy!

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