We get lots of great comments and feedback about our sunglasses with readers, but the other day I heard some interesting “customer feedback”.  Apparently, our microfiber bag is a big hit with a feline named Princess.  It seems she spends a lot of time playing with it and it’s become her “new best friend”.  We know our sunglasses are pretty great, but I guess Princess thinks the microfiber bag is too.

Princess belongs to Mary Navarro, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist here on Kauai. I ran into her the other day, and she said “Oh, Licia, love the sunglasses, but I have to show this to you”. She pulled out her phone and played a couple of short videos starring Princess, and I’ve posted the videos here simply for the “cuteness factor”.

I’m always posting different ways that people use our sunglass  readers, but now we have an interesting use for our microfiber bag too. Don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of cute animal videos. Thanks for sharing Mary and…..let us know if Princess needs another “new best friend”.

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