harleyOne of the best selling retail locations for our sunglasses with readers here on Kauai is the Kauai Harley Davidson shop. Motor cycle enthusiasts, police officers, and visitors to the island are expressing the convenience of sunglasses and readers all in one. We recently received a very nice customer comment:

“I have just recently returned from my annual vacation in Kauai and always rent a Harley from Kauai Harley-Davidson. I saw your display in their store and bought a pair to try out. WOW…..what an amazing product. They worked great for the 3 days I had a motorcycle But also worked for the rest of the time. The $200 sunglasses that I usually wear never got touched!! I own a business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and would like to become a dealer.”
Greg – Saskatoon, Canada

harley2I have to admit, I don’t know much about Harleys. I shamefully thought they were a kind of a “mid-life crisis” item. But a lovely employee of the Kauai store kindly explained that “younger people like Harleys too, they just can’t afford them”. O.K. I thought, there’s not necessarily a “crisis” involved – it just happens that there is a correlation in the number of years lived, and income levels. At any rate, if you have perhaps, lived the number of years required to afford a Harley, then you may also be needing other items…….such as readers?? This brings me back to our friend from Canada, and apparently many others (we hear) who are liking our sunglasses with readers. Because now it’s possible to get a better look at the control panels (those numbers are pretty small), protect your eyes, and enjoy the ride all at once!

Let us know: How do you use your Hawaiian Lenses??

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