hawaii5-0-1Hawaiian Lenses had a booth at the recent Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival at Pier 38 in Honolulu. It was a sunny, gorgeous day and a very lovely event, but it was one of those rare days in Hawaii when the trade winds completely shut down, so it was very hot. Not complaining though. As with any outdoor event, you hope for sunshine instead of rain, but for selling sunglasses, it’s kind of mandatory.

hawaii5-0-2The Kona, polarized reading sunglasses was a big seller that day, as most of the attendees spend a lot of time on the water. We met many longtime local fishermen, and it was interesting to listen in as they “talk story” about catching fish. We were surprised at just how many people had never seen a product like ours before, and we were happy to introduce them to a product that they really need. Many fishermen were thrilled to “now finally see what I’m doing”. Some guys said they always have someone else on the boat (younger) specially to tie the knots. And one lovely wife told her husband “now you won’t waste time trying to find those old readers on the boat and lose the fish!. We sold 75 pair and made many new friends that day. Also had some great seafood. It’s a great event and we hope to be there next year.

hawaii5-0-3We also met some of Honolulu’s finest, the real Hawaii Five-0: HPD – The Honolulu Police Department had a few of their officers assigned to the event. Steve donated some pairs and the officers were really appreciative. They spend a lot of time out in the sun and of course, need to see close up. Yes, leave it to us to make sure writing traffic tickets is a little easier!! Aloha, Honolulu.

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