oneyearCelebrating our first year and here are three things we’re really happy about:

  1. Shipping worldwide!
  2. 30 retail stores!
  3. Many happy customers!

What a great way to celebrate our first year anniversary….shipping orders to Russia, Greece, and last week Poland and New Zealand……not to mention quite a few in the continental U.S.!! We’re global. Big “Mahalo” to all of our internet shoppers. And if you come visit Hawaii, find us at one of 27 retail locations (see “Stores” page on our website). Thank you to all of our great retail stores who make a spot for our bamboo display, and help customers discover our stylish sunglasses with readers! Oh, and can’t forget our retailer in Florida, Iowa (yes, Iowa), and Canada!!

But the best part of this year is getting so much feedback from customers who are loving our sunglasses.

“Just found out about your glasses from a buddy of mine. I am a pilot for UPS and come to Honolulu often. I have a layover next week in Hono………see you have a location in Honolulu. I will head down there. Ordered 3 pair this evening and can’t wait to get my hands on them. Getting older and needing “readers” is where I am. Trying to find stylish sunglasses with the readers built into them has been a challenge. I will surely spread the word. The guy who turned me on is a Delta guy and he swears by them.”

– Peyton Cook, Shellman, GA

Thank you Peyton, and yes, we agree: our sunglasses are great for pilots, real estate agents, construction workers, delivery people — virtually anyone who works (or plays) in the sun!

Mahalo to all, and enjoy the rest of summer.

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