Salmon Fishing Alaska

This true story was e-mailed to us from one of our Hawaiian Lenses customers: Brothers, Jose and Abel were on a wonderful Alaskan fishing trip.  But unfortunately, while motoring down the Kenai River, Jose leaned over the boat and his Hawaiian Lenses fell into the river.  Jose was very disappointed since the sunglasses had a reader lens that helped him see all the “little things”, including his fishing hook.

Three days later Jose and Abel were fishing along the river in the area they had been by boat days before, and low and behold:  Abel “caught” a pair of sunglasses!  Yes, The Edge style, 2.00 magnification men’s sunreaders — the same pair Jose had dropped in the river 3 days before.  This is no “fish tale”!

And apparently, they are just fine as Jose is wearing them in the photo he included with his story. Thanks for sharing your vacation story with us and thanks for choosing Hawaiian Lenses!

How did you spend your summer vacation??

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