Sunglasses Looking UpA hint of fall is in the air (yes, we do have seasons here on Kauai), and summer is winding down. How did you spend your summer vacation?? Our friend, Jay, an avid Hawaiian Lenses user, shared with us a few of his summer vacation photos. He and his lovely family went to Europe, and Jay told us “how great it was to carry just one pair of sunglasses”. No switching back & forth from sunglasses to readers”. Here he is in Venice looking very content, and stylish I might add!

Customer with motorcycleI have to share this photo — great shot of him with the motorcycle. (We really need to do a promotional photo shoot with Jay.) Anyway, he also enjoyed a ride through Germany, and told us he loved being able to see the speedometer and control panel, while enjoying the views along the way. He’s wearing our Hammer’s style Men’s reading sunglasses in Brown (wait, this is a promotion, isn’t it??).

Couple with Sunglasses with ReadersOne more photo of Jay with a friend somewhere in Italy. Looks like his friend might want to check out our stylish Women’s sunglasses with readers. Thanks for the photos Jay. And if any of you are inspired…let us know where you spent your summer vacation. Include a photo, and tell us how wearing your Hawaiian Lenses helped to make your trip a little easier.

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