Kauai Mini GolfOne of the best kept secrets on Kauai’s north shore is Kauai Mini Golf and Botanical Gardens located just off the highway in Kilauea.  I know, you’re thinking Mini Golf??? Windmills and creepy garden statues??? But this is no ordinary mini golf.  It’s a challenging little course, nestled amongst luscious tropical botanical gardens.   The course offers a learning experience for the botanist at heart, as you make your way through a chronological history of Hawaii’s plants from native species to the most recently introduced to the islands.  Enjoy the lovely fragrant flowers and the sound of water falls and trickling streams.

Kauai Mini Golf

Kauai Mini Golf also has a lovely gift shop with surprisingly unusual finds.  Visit the snack bar for coffee drinks, breakfast, lunch or snacks.  After you’ve re-fueled you can set out on the nearby Wai Koa Loop Trail.  This is a gorgeous walking or riding trail, about 5 miles total.  Bicycles are available to rent at Mini Golf.  Highlights of the trail include a Mahogany plantation, Kaua’i Fresh Farms, a lagoon, stone dam and guava orchard.  It’s a gorgeous and peaceful trail not to be missed.

Kauai Mini Golf & Botanical Gardens, and the Wai Koa Loop Trail offers a full day of activities for all ages, and a chance to experience up close the natural beauty of Kauai.  For more mini golf information visit Kauaiminigolf.com.  For Wai Koa trail and bike rental info visit: Namahanacafe.org.

Note:  This is the second installment in a series of profiles of locations in Hawaii that sell our Hawaiian Lenses – Sunglasses with Readers.  Big Mahalo to all of our retail Ohana!

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