Kona's Polarized Reader SunglassesYes, really. Our Kona’s are now in stock. Polarization never felt so good — for your eyes or your wallet. If glare reduction is important to you…..If you’ve spent a lot of years on the water, out in the tropical sun, or if you’re like me and your eyes are just more sensitive to bright light. Get the comfort of reduced glare at a really affordable price. Hawaiian Lenses quality polycarbonate frames, with our small reader lens, plus polarization, all in one pair of sunglasses. Try our polarized sunglasses with readers for fishing this summer.  You’ll be able to see while hooking the line, protect you eyes, and reduce glare all at the same time.

More about Kona, Hawaii:

We named our polarized sunglasses Kona’s because we’ve spent a lot of time at that great spot on the Big Island. Kona is well known as a fisherman’s paradise. The waters are crystal clear and beautiful. Recently we spent some time diving with a friend who literally grew up in the waters off the Kona coast. He took us to an area he happened to know that Manta Rays would frequent. Apparently to get “cleaned” by Wrasse fish. As promised we got to the spot and began to see the beautiful, elegant rays swimming slowly around us in a kind of graceful water ballet. A beautiful experience that I will never forget. We love Kona……hope you’ll get a chance to visit sometime.

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