January means snow – well for most of you. And Snow means Ski Vacation. Got all the gear you need? Trip all planned out? Know the mountain? All the runs? O.K., “don’t worry you say – got the map”. Right, but if you’re over 40, can you SEE the map.


I merely ask these questions because a friend and ardent supporter of our Hawaiian Lenses – Sunglasses with Readers, just returned from a ski trip. He had a great time, but told us he was so happy to have our sunglasses with reading lens so he didn’t have to switch between his sunglasses and readers while on the slopes. He had no problem reading the map (see above and feel free to “click to enlarge” – won’t help), and protecting his eyes from the sun and glare.

Thanks Scott for your testimony, which is now officially Use No. 17 for Hawaiian Lenses – Sunglasses with Readers. Happy you got to spend time on the slopes this season. Steve says he’ll see you out in the “line up”.

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