Lee Alameida wearing our Kona Polarized Lenses

Lee Alameida wearing Hawaiian Lenses Kona Style Polarized Lenses

It has come to our attention that folks out there may think sun readers are ONLY for reading at the beach!  Oh you are mistaken!

Here’s a photo sent to us from Hawaiian Lenses customer, Lee Alameida.  Lee is an avid fisherman and from the looks of it, pretty serious about his sport.  He writes about our Kona Polarized sunglasses with readers:

These really are instrumental in my success out on the water. My eyes are relaxed and not squinting from the blaring sun and I can still see and tie small bait hooks. Thank you Hawaiian Lenses for a great product.

We often get feedback from customers who are out there overachieving and with a little help from our sunglasses with readers, they are able to see the details!!Running marathons, fishing, skiing, cycling and golfing.  And at work, reading and measuring, delivering goods, and flying planes.  From realtors getting contracts signed, to stunt men checking the details (yes! A stunt man in Spider Man and Mission Impossible movies wears our Hawaiian Lenses Sunglasses!!).  Boat captains, outdoor guides, the list is endless.  And all tell us that our sun readers are a lifesaver.

Hawaiian Lenses really are a “lifestyle product” and can be worn all of the time.  The little reader lens is inconspicuously there for you when you need to see the small stuff!!

So go out there and live your life and feel confident that you’ll be able to see all the details!!

Glad we could clear this up! That is all. Aloha!

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