Diagnosis: PresbyopiaBen Franklin with reader glasses

Common Symptoms: Frequent squinting of the eyes; wishing your arms were just a little longer, and frequent frustration.

Average Age of Onset: 42-44 years.

Don’t you just love the clinical names for some common conditions? Receiving a diagnosis of “presbyopia” from a doctor may throw someone into an instant panic. If you receive this diagnosis, fear not, for Presbyopia (prezbēˈōpēə) is merely the medical term for being “farsited”, or as Webster’s describes it:

“farsightedness caused by loss of elasticity of the lens of the eye, occurring typically in middle and old age.”

Alas, this is just a natural condition that occurs as a part of the aging process. But if you really want to get depressed, just think about the origin of the word:

“ORIGIN late 18th cent.: modern Latin, from Greek presbus ‘old man’ + ōps, ōp- ‘eye.”

O.K., the “eye” part I can handle, but “old man”, Really?? Thankfully, those of us in the over 40 demographic no longer have to be seen with “Ben Franklin spectacles” perched at the tip of our nose. Now there are many stylish ways to see “the fine print”. And it’s not just the fine print anymore. How about our phones?? Hard to see who is calling; hard to read text messages?? The advent of conducting business and doing nearly everything from our phones, has left a lot of us continuously squinting and moving our arms in and out like the proverbial trombone player.

We all know that things change as we get older. One of the most talked about (and one that has sparked a bzillion dollar “anti-aging” cosmetics industry) is our skin. Improvement of elasticity is often cited in skin care products. But loss of elasticity is also one of the factors attributed to the ability to focus as we get older. The lens of the eye becomes harder and less elastic. I like the analogy given in a recent New York Times article by Dr. Rachel J. Bishop, Chief of the consult services section of the National Eye Institute: “It’s like having a camera with no multifocal option.”

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Hawaiian Lenses Customers doing the shaka

A few Hawaiian Lenses customers displaying the “shaka” sign. Very stylish, modern day examples of dealing with “Presbyopia.”

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